IRA Coverage
of the Basel II
Capital Accord

"Bernanke Blinks on Basel II,
Accepts Warnings from SBC"

Basel II Delayed
"Complexity is Not Clarity"

Exposure at Default
"Washington and the Crisis in Detroit"

Policy Article
"Basel II -- No Margin of Safety: New bank-capital requirements
are based on ruinous risk models."

Online Briefing
Basel II Issues Review
Implementation of the Basel II Accord on credit risk alignment will affect banking worldwide. See an Online Briefing  overview of the emerging rules governing risk.

More Policy Coverage

Safety and

"Do the Housing GSEs
Threaten the US Economy?"

"The Next Great
Pyramid Game"

A disturbing inside peek
at China's financial mania.
- International Economy
Fall 2005 (pdf)


IRA Comment
"Interactive Data: Moving the Pipeline Forward"
April 3, 2006

W&WS Excerpt
"Baker Holds Hearing on Interactive Data"
April 3, 2006

Guest Commentary

"XBRL: Give Them the Tools and They Will Finish the Job"
February 21, 2006
Peter J. Wallison

"Are the Outside
Credit Agencies
Headed for

Why structured data
drives improved analytics.
- International Economy
Winter 2005 (pdf)


Feb 10, 2006:
"Regulators Affirm Tough Bank Audit Rules"

Jan 3, 2006:
"Just What Do Restatements Indicate?"

Nov 30, 2005:
"Is 2006 the Year of the Non-Accelerated Filer?"

The Books"

We discuss the need for improved transparency of public financial data.

& Assurance

about Merton

"Are Equity Markets Complete
and Sufficient to Predict
Default Probabilities?"

Online Briefing
with Distinction"

IRA's industry report on
where financial analytics
is headed.

The Need"

Our Original August 2003
Mission Statement

Public Record:
IRA's Regulatory Comments and RFI Responses

Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANPR)
OCC 5-16/FRS R-1238/FDIC RIN 3064-AC96/OTS 2005-40 - Risk Based Capital Guidelines, Capital Adequacy Guidelines, Capital Maintenance: Domestic Capital Modifications, January 9, 2006

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